Thursday, August 14, 2014

World Winding Down:

Understanding the 'Law of Disorder' - And How It Demands a Creator
by Carl Wieland
2012, 95 pages

How does a car accident show the scientists' need to acknowledge God as the Creator?

Creationists often misuse the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which basically states that everything tends toward disorder. (You'll get a much better definition of it in this book.) Unwary Christians may say that since evolution involves increasing order and complexity over a long period of time, this makes it impossible. Of course, if that were true, no-one could build a house or a computer or an airplane, since this process also involves increasing order and complexity.

What Carl Wieland's book shows us, in only 95 pages, is why the Second Law of Thermodynamics, also called the Law of Increasing Entropy (entropy = disorder) is still a hugely important argument against evolutionism. He starts by giving some definitions of the Second Law, explaining how it shows how chance and time relate to how much usable energy is available in a system (always less than what we started with). He gives several examples of how the Second Law plays out in real life: car accidents (including his own personally disastrous head-on collision), perpetual motion machines (that can't work), and different water temperatures at either end of your bathtub (that can't happen). He explains why crystalization and fluids unmixing are not examples of increasing order; and how we can, in the short term, beat the Second Law (sort of); but why simply bringing energy into a system simply makes things worse, unless...

It's the "unless" that is most important. What brings order out of randomness and energy is intelligence and information, which evolutionary theory denies can influence its processes, since intelligence is a personal quality, the kind of thing that belongs to a Creator and Designer. As well, Wieland shows how the Second Law both implies a definite beginning to the universe and the need for a new beginning before everything simply winds down. Not only does the Second Law point to the creative work of God at the beginning of all things, but also to the renewing work of God at the end of our present world. Ironically, the seemingly depressing Second Law of Thermodynamics (the groaning of creation: Romans 8:20-23) reminds the Spirit-led believer of the good news of Jesus Christ.

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