Saturday, November 14, 2020

What to Do On Thursday

 A Layman's Guide to the Practical Use of the Scriptures
by Jay Adams
148 pages / 2019

This is a short book, but not an easy read - not if you actually want to know What to Do On Thursday, because Jay Adams refuses to simply tell us that. Instead, as a Biblical counselor, he shows us how to be ready for Thursday, through systematic study of Scriptures that show us how to live in Christ.

After a brief introduction, Adams gives us the example of Bob, who is facing a tricky situation at the office, and needs Scriptural guidance on how to deal with it. Adams gives us several Biblical principles that fit the situation, but also reminds us that without frequent study of God's word, Bob would not have known those principles.

To start that study, Adams gives us a brief overview of the New Testament, with the exhortation that we begin the same overview of the Old Testament, starting with Proverbs and Psalms - not so much that we will know in detail what it says, but so that we will know where to find what we need when we need it. In the same way, Adams categorizes some 200 New Testament passages for us to study to understand how to deal with What to Do On Thursday, on topics from Accusation to Worry - a list that alone is worth the price of the book.

In the next general section on "Biblical Interpretation," Adams shows us how to study, the best resources to use, how to understand the context and intent of Biblical passages - again, valuable guidance for Bible study by either groups or individuals.

Finally, Adams applies all the above to Bob's situation and sets us on the path of planning for the right priorities in our lives, setting goals, scheduling, and adapting the true intent of Biblical passages to our specific situations. 

If you believe that Jay Adams has written A Layman's Guide to the Practical Use of the Scriptures, you can get his book here, and here in Canada.