Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dinosaurs for kids

by Ken Ham
2009 / 64 pages

Ken Ham has crafted a great kids’ primer on the creationist perspective on dinosaurs, showing them how to understand the evidence. He begins by outlining the “seven ages” that apply to dinosaurs.
  1. FORMED – when all animals including dinosaurs were created 
  2. FEARLESS – when people and dinosaurs lived together before the fall without fear 
  3. FALLEN – when sin came and dinosaurs (and man) began to die 
  4. FLOOD – when most dinosaur fossils were formed 
  5. FADED – when dinosaurs died out 
  6. FOUND – when their fossils began to be discovered 
  7. FICTION – today, when we are told dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. 
One caution is worth noting, particularly since this title is aimed at children as young as 9 (and up to about 13). It concludes with a very brief Gospel presentation and invitation to pray the sinner’s prayer, which could leave readers with the impression that this prayer is not simply the beginning of something, but the sum total of it.

The book’s strengths are it’s colorful full-page pictures (see below) and the gentle way it introduces children to evolutionary thought – we hear the evolutionist's theories, but they are presented with in a controlled manner with rebuttal on hand.

Of the various dinosaur books I've reviewed to this point I think this one might be the most attractive to the under 10 age group. It is certainly the most digestible, with each two page spread serving as a kind of mini-chapter or section. So kids can read a couple pages, and then be done for a bit. You can buy Dinosaurs for Kids here at

Adults will find it an interesting book too, but there are other dinosaur books – ones that demand a little more from a reader, and also reward the reader with more depth – that adults will like more. Check out these other possibilities.

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