Monday, February 7, 2022

The Divine Challenge: on matter, mind, math, and meaning.

by John Byl
2021 / 421 pages

Is the Christian vs. evolutionist/naturalist/materialist debate about the best explanation for why there is something, rather than nothing? No, says Dr John Byl, in this brilliant apologetic work. The real question is “Who will rule: God or Man?” 

In the world’s attempts to usurp God, they’ve crafted many a worldview to try to explain things apart from Him. Dr. Byl shares the world’s best godless explanations and shows, often in the proponents’ own words, how their attempts are self-contradictory or simply fail to explain what they set out to explain. Naturalism says there is nothing outside of nature, and materialism that there is nothing outside matter, so how can either explain how matter came to be, or the non-material world of math and meaning? Byl also makes evident how very often these godless philosophers understand the emptiness of their best answers, and yet cling to them anyway only because they hate the alternative: bowing their knee to God. 

This is a book that will stretch most readers, and in some parts (Chapter 14 was a doozy for me) I only got the gist of it…but what an encouraging gist it was! While the 2004 paperback edition is still available, Dr. Byl has made the 2021 revision a free ebook you can download on his blog here

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