Saturday, August 14, 2021

Jesus on Every Page

10 Simple Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament
by David Murray    2013 / 246 pages

This book is really good enough for me to use as a resource in my Bible courses (and possibly even as a textbook).

David Murray explains how he first witnessed, and shared in, the discomfort that many Christians, including preachers, feel when confronting the Old Testament - not because of any disagreement with what they saw as its message, but because they wanted to proclaim Christ, not just God's ongoing relationship with His often disobedient people. He then reveals how he found the answer to this problem in the words of Jesus Himself, and in the words of His servants Peter, Paul, and John: that the Old Testament, just like the New Testament, is the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Murray shows how to find Jesus in the Old Testament as He is manifested in
  • creation,
  • the lives of His people,
  • His appearances to His people,
  • the law,
  • history,
  • prophecy,
  • typology,
  • His covenants with His people, and
  • wisdom literature. 
Murray makes his insights more accessible with study questions (some of which make excellent focuses for personal devotions) and references to both Old Testament and New Testament passages. I found his work so inspiring that I was slightly disappointed that I am not teaching anything from the Old Testament in the near future.

If you want David Murray to help you see Jesus on Every Page of the Old Testament, you can download it for free here, as long as you set up a free account, or you can order it from Ligonier Ministries.

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