Monday, February 22, 2016

Gospel Patrons

by John Rinehart
2013 / 170 pages

Are you a giant?

Church history is full of such people. William Tyndale translated the Bible into English. George Whitefield was used by God to spark the Great Awakening, while John Newton was the ex-slave trader who wrote Amazing Grace and helped William Wilberforce end the British slave trade. These were Christian giants; their stories well known.

But, as author John Rinehart notes, not all of us are called to these leadership positions. Many are called to supporting roles. In Gospel Patrons Rinehart tells the stories of three people who enabled Tyndale, Whitefield, and John Newton to do their work.

  • Humphrey Monmouth was the man who financed Tyndale’s translation work (and spent a year in the Tower of London as reward). 
  • Lady Huntingdon used her position and influence to have the richest in England come hear George Whitefield preach the Gospel and she funded his work reaching the rest of England and America. 
  • John Thornton placed John Newton in an influential church, and encouraged him to publish a book of his hymns, one of which was Amazing Grace.

Their stories are not well known, but their roles were vital too. Most of us are not giants like Tyndale, Whitefield and Newton, and we might think that we don’t have the funds to act like Monmouth, Lady Huntingdon or Thornton either.

But while few of us have the funds they did, most of us are in a position where we can spare money or time to support worthy causes. In sharing these three biographies, what author John Rinehart wants us to realize is the importance of this supporting role. God has a part for each of us to play. And if we understand how important the “lesser” roles are, perhaps we will more willingly take them on, sacrificially donating of our money, and our time.

This is a very readable book and very challenging too. I highly recommend it, for all ages. You can by a paperback copy at by clicking here or get the pdf book for free (by giving your email address and signing up for the author's newsletter) or get an audio download by visiting

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