Monday, December 28, 2015

How to train a train

by Jason Carter Eaton
48 pages / 2013

This is good old-fashioned goofy fun. What if trains were like pets? What if they liked to fetch, and had to be bathed, and, of course, trained? In this guidebook for training trains a seasoned train trainer tells us how to find, select, catch, care for, name, and, train our new train.

The pictures really make the book special, so to give you a feel, here's a couple from the training sessions. When it comes to training your train you'll want to start with the basics, like "play dead."

And of course the always popular "fetch"!

Your kids will be sure to like this one, though because the story was quite simple I was glad we got this one from the library. We'll probably borrow it a few times through the years, but since none of my girls are really into trains, I don't feel a need to own this one. But for a child into trains, the pictures in this are pretty amazing: detailed and lively, with all sorts of trains depicted. You can pick up a copy at by clicking here.

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