Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Guide to Dinosaurs

by the Institute for Creation Research
2014 / 118 pages

I've reviewed 5 dinosaur books, all of them from a creationist perspective, and all of them fantastic. They have their particular strengths, and this would be the best of the bunch for anyone who wanted to learn it all.

This is the biggest book of the bunch, with the broadest breadth of topics it covers, as well as the greatest degree of depth on specific dinosaur kinds. This is still a layman's book - a beginner's text - but there is an awful lot to explore here.

Some of the topics covered include:
  • The history of dinosaur discovery (including who the first dinosaur fossil hunters were, their rivalries, and the first dinosaurs they discovered)
  • Dinosaur soft tissue finds
  • How dinosaurs are dated
  • The bird to dinosaur evolutionary theory
  • Tips on how best to approach a visit to a dinosaur exhibit in a secular museum
  • Dinosaurs in the Bible
  • How dinosaurs could have fit on the Ark
  • A sample inside page
  • Near-modern encounters with dragons (ie. Dinosaurs).

The last half of the book is devoted to two pages spreads on particular dinosaurs or dinosaur suborders. We’re told how big each kind is, how they were discovered, any controversies or creationist insights that might be specific to them.

So if an adult or teen was fascinated by dinosaurs and was going to pick just one book they probably get this one: its large pages offer and treasure chest of information. It is a very good guide produced by the trusted guides at the Institute for Creation Research.

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