Friday, February 7, 2014

Grandma's moving in

by Stephanie M. Cone
illustrations by Matthew Sample II
27 pages / 2013

When Albert finds out that his grandma is moving in with them, he starts worrying about how he could possibly take care of her. "Will I have to sit with her in the house... every... single... day?" he wonders. "I'll probably have to push her in the wheelchair... for miles... and miles... and miles!" His fretting soon has him convinced that this is a job too big for a little boy like him.

But then his dad takes him for a walk, to show him "that Albert really was able to care for Grandma." Albert's dad asks the people they meet how Albert could care for his grandma. Lots of helpful suggestions are offered. The mailman suggests talking to her. The donut man suggests giving her a treat. The pastor's wife suggests praying with her. And the local star football player suggests touching her – gently – by giving her hugs and holding her hand. Albert soon realizes that there are lots of little ways "that even a little boy like me can help care for Grandma!"

It's a simple story, teaching a lesson to little children that is well worth learning whether their Grandma is moving in or not.

You can pick up a copy at here and here.

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