Saturday, December 28, 2013

Only One Mommy

by Rena M. Lindevaldsen
2011, 140 pages

How far would you go to protect our children from government-ordered indoctrination? And would you go to jail to protect someone else's children?

There was nothing hypothetical about these questions for Lisa Miller or the pastor she turned to for help. Only One Mommy is her lawyer's account of the seven-year custody battle Miller fought against her former same-sex partner. Miller conceived her daughter Isabella in 2002 via artificial insemination. Two years earlier she entered into a civil union with another woman, which they dissolved in 2004. Miller, now a professing Christian who has renounced homosexuality, tried to block her former partner's court-ordered visits with her daughter. The woman wasn't biologically related, and Miller wanted to protect her daughter from being exposed to her former partner's sinful lifestyle. After seven years Miller lost her court battle, but, instead of complying and giving her child up, she fled the country, and is now thought to be hiding in an Amish community somewhere in Central America with her daughter.

The book was published in 2011, but the story continues. In January 2013 the American Amish pastor who helped her flee, and who refused to tell authorities where she had gone, was sent to jail, then released two months later while his case is under appeal. You can find out more at the pastor's blog

Quite the story, and quite the relevant book – these are questions we need to consider. I pray that we would all go and do likewise.

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