Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Choosing my Religion

by R.C. Sproul
117 pages, 2005

Half-way through I still wasn’t sure if this was meant for Christians, or searching non-Christians. The answer is, both. Sproul wants to help both groups with the questions that come up in university and college.

For Christians the answers and illustrations here will be an encouragement and also equip them to talk about God with their classmates For searching non-Christians, Sproul pushes them to contrast and compare their current worldview with the Christian one.

To best explain the book I need to give an example. At one point Sproul asks: “What sets the Christian faith from all other religions?” He explains it comes down to the answers to two questions:
  1. Who initiates my rescue?
  2. From whom must I be rescued?
Of all religions that ever claimed your allegiance, only Christianity answers both questions with the same one-word response: God. I’d not heard it quite like that before. Both Christians and non-Christians are sure to find such succinct explanations helpful. And the book is full of many more!

Highly recommended for college and university students, or any young people who are discussing Christianity and other religions.

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