Friday, June 28, 2013


by John Piper
2013, 51 pages

Even the subtitle to this book is challenging: Better to lose your life than to waste it.
What a thought! But it is clearly a biblical one. Our life is a gift from God, and like the three servants in the parable of the talents (Matt. 25:14-30) we're supposed to do something with this "talent" – playing it safe is not an option.

Of course Piper isn't promoting risk-taking for risk's sake – he doesn't want us driving without our seatbelt on, or walking along the edge of a cliff. What he's warning us against is making safety and security idols we worship instead of God. Piper is arguing that it's when we're willing to risk our money, risk losing face, risk even our life to honor God that God is most glorified. Then the world knows what is most important to us. And, conversely, if we run from risk, then we aren't living our lives like we believe that whatever we might lose here is nothing compared to what we'll receive from God.

Risk is right is a quick read and one that young men in particular may benefit from. And – bonus! – it can be downloaded for free here.

And if you want a print copy you can pick one up at here and here.

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