Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Promise Kept

by Robertson McQuilkin 
1998, 96 pages, Hardcover

A Promise Kept is the true story of a man putting his wife's needs and wants ahead of his own. That's what husbands are called to do (Eph. 5:25) but to consistently, repeatedly love our wives as Christ loves his Church is a struggle, so when a man is doing it it is awesome to see. We can't help but see God in it; we can't help but praise God for enabling a man to love his wife like that.

A Promise Kept is about the decision Robertson McQuilkin made in 1990 to step away from his prestigious and influential role as a Bible college president so he could stay home and care for his wife Muriel. She had, years earlier, started showing signs of Alzheimer's and as the disease progressed it became clear she would need full-time care. It was suggested she be put in a home, but, as Robertson noted in his resignation speech, when he was near her, she was calm, and when he was not, she would get anxious and scared. In the same speech he noted it was an easy decision to make: he had promised to care for Muriel until "death do us part" and he considered it an honor to care for her.

This a very short book – just 90 pages – but profoundly beautiful.

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