Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who should I date?

by William P. Smith
New Growth Press, 2009, 21 pages

Though it is aimed at teens and young people I would recommend this title to parents. They can use it as a very helpful tool to start a conversation with their children about who, and who is not, a legitimate option when it comes to dating.

Dr. Smith begins with a short essay on what character traits to look for, and which to watch out for. Some of them include:
  • Actively listens vs. passively hears
  • Constructively disagrees, or just disagreeable?
  • Giving vs. needy
  • Willingly confesses vs. being cornered
He directs readers to the Bible to show what God thinks of these traits, and ends the list by pointing readers to the most important trait of all: that Jesus is the center of their life.

In the second half of the booklet Smith presents these same points as a quiz in checklist fashion where reader can not only assess a potential date, but themselves too. They should look in the mirror and ask: “Am I dateable?”

Young people are encouraged not to “casually fall into a relationship” but to instead “start by asking yourself at the beginning of a friendship: Should this relationship take the next step in becoming more serious?” This is advice any parent can appreciate. And this booklet is a great tool that every Christian parent should use.

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