Friday, October 28, 2011


From this World to that which is to come
CrossWay, 2009, 240 pages
by John Bunyan
edited by C.J. Lovik & illustrated by Mike Wimmer

Bunyan’s allegorical tale is about a man, burdened by his sins, who has no hope. In despair he cries out for help, and that cry is answered by Evangelist, who knows where hope can be found. He tells the sin-burdened man that he must flee the City of Destruction, and journey to the Celestial City. And along that straight and narrow path he will come to the foot of a cross, and it is there that his sin-burden will be lifted. But along the way there will also be trials – as we journey with this pilgrim we see him being slowed or sidetracked by people with names such as Worldly Wiseman, Mistrust and Atheist. But, through God’s grace, he perseveres.

Pilgrim’s Progress was first published 333 year ago, and since then has been translated into more than 200 languages. Aside from the Bible, it may be the best-selling book ever. This particular version has been updated from the original’s 17th century English. Editor C.J. Lovik used a light, delicate touch, but the results are dramatic – this is quite simply the best edition of Bunyan’s tale you will find. Thirty full-color, full-page illustrations only add to the volume’s attractiveness and accessibility, and extensive footnoting ensures that the modern reader will be able to understand the full depth of the story.

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