Thursday, April 21, 2011

The True Story of Noah's Ark

by Tom Dooley and Bill Looney
Master Books, 2003, 72 pages

reviewed by Jeanette Dykstra

This is the book I wish I’d written. The Noah’s Ark story as told in the Bible often brings up a lot of questions about what it must have been like to build, for so many years, such a huge structure, as designed by the Divine Architect.

What was the reaction of Noah’s family, his neighbors, his countrymen? Where did he get all the equipment and supplies? How did he and his family cope with the ridicule and jeering he no doubt received? And then, after more than a hundred years, what an awesome sight! The animals arrived from far and wide and entered the ark.

The talented author and the creative illustrator have built on the biblical facts in a way that is honoring to our Heavenly Father and gives him the glory.

This book is great for reading to younger children (5 to 7) but older ones (8 to 12) will enjoy reading it for themselves. The beautiful illustrations will generate awe and many questions.

As a bonus, the book ends with a closer look at the ark’s size and structure; with illustrations it compares its volume to that of a very large number of railroad cars, and its 450-foot length to that of a standard 300-foot football field.

I highly recommend this book for the little ones, the older ones, and, I’ll bet, dad and mom will be fascinated by it too. Also, a great tool for primary teachers. You can buy a copy at by clicking here.

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